Advisory: Leased Land & GFA Gates


December 2023

Proposed sale of the approximately 8000 acres of land we lease.

We have received notice that the sale of the lands we lease is expected to close in January 2024. The new owner is identified as Sumitomo Forestry Group partnered with the domestic Fund Manager, Eastwood Forests LLC. The current land manager (F&W) is expected to be replaced by LandVest. Our current land manager indicates that they expect little if any change in how the property is managed. We have a new four-year lease on the land. We will provide updates as specific information is received.

November 2023

The manager for the land we lease, F&W, has notified our Association and all of the other clubs that lease land, that they have noticed that gates have been left open.  The notice did not identify the specific gates, so they may not include any of our four gates.  Nonetheless, F&W requested a reminder to all members to close and re-lock gates as we travel on the leased land.

I want to also note that one of our gates was recently incorrectly locked in a manner that prevented the next person from getting through. The padlock acts like a link in a chain with padlocks from other users, so please be careful how you reattach it. 

The GFA has our locks on four gates: each end of the Cornell Road, Camp Three Road, and the Ord Falls Road.  Happy Trails.  

Steve Rodriguez, President GFA